Today, In America

There were zero terrorist attacks.

There were zero mass school shootings.

Zero countries attacked us.

Zero people died of starvation.

.02% of the country was homeless.

Zero Teslas crashed on Autopilot.

Zero people died of Ebola.

Zero people contracted malaria or polio.

Zero people died of cannabis use.

Everyone had access to an education.

Everyone had access to healthcare.

Everyone had access to the judicial system.

Everyone had access to the national parks.

Women were equal.

Gays were equal.

Zero cops murdered an African-American.

Zero African-Americans murdered a cop.

Zero planes crashed.

Zero trains crashed.

Zero people were killed because of their religion.

Zero people were breathing toxic air.

Zero people lacked clean water.

Access to firearms was unfettered.

Zero people were denied access to a book.

Zero people were denied access to a song.

Zero people were arrested for their political views.

98% of the country had access to the Internet.

92% of adults had a cell phone.

Average life expectancy was approaching 80.

The violent crime rate was at a decades low.

The stock markets were at all time highs.

95% of the population had a job.

We had Silicon Valley.

We had Hollywood.

We had New York.

We had a black president.

We are about to have a women president.

This was an ordinary day.

It’s time we were grateful for the country we have inherited and all of the opportunities we have been afforded. It’s time we recognized the reality of reality.

There has never been a better time and place to be alive, in the history of the Earth, than right now, in the United States of America.

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