Mo Guns, Mo Safety

“Guns make us safer. The more guns, the safer we are. We must have them in our grade schools, on college campuses, in restaurants, movie theaters, grocery stores, national parks and bars.” – NRA (aka. Republicans)

I always find it quite amusing, in the most hypocritical, heartbreaking way, that whenever the Republicans (aka. NRA) host a major gathering, firearms are banned.

Be it at their national convention or the upcoming Inauguration in DC, the Republicans deem it unwise to allow people to exercise their 2nd Amendment right.

“But…but, who’s going to stop the bad guy with a gun??”

They seem to be saying that having these devices around, whose sole purpose is to extinguish life, might not be the best idea when groups of people are congregating.

Sorry though folks, that’s only when it’s their safety that may be threatened. You and your family must respect some lame-o’s right to carry his pistol into Fresh Foods while you grab some juice.

If the open or concealed carrying of arms made people safer, they would be welcomed with open arms at the Inauguration. Thus, clearly making it the safest place on Earth.

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