Thank You Balsamiq

You have enabled my business success.

For a couple of decades now I have been involved in Technology.

First in college, then at a large bank, then at a startup during the first Internet boom and then after the first Internet bust, a mid-size ad rep firm. But over those many years and weeks and days and hours in the computer lab, on the trading floor, sleeping in a cage and then floundering for a quite while in a cubicle, I was never that into computers, and this was reflected in my “upward mobility”.

<wasted characters>Coding is so laborious<\wasted characters>, Databases are ETL hell and Networking is just sooooo many wires.

I have never been the least bit enamored of the bits.

But, I sure do love Technology. Or shall I say, the touch point between a human and “Technology”. The infinite potential of it. The infinite power in it. That inflection point is where I belonged.

Enter Balsamiq…

I started messing with wireframes outside of work. I always had tons of ideas for applications so I began sketching them out. Screen by screen. It was an outlet. The same way a painter uses a canvass, or the way a musician tabs out a new diddy. I love being able to refine it and then refine it some more. Take it down to its barest elements. Where there is nothing left to take away.

The intersection between art and science was where I wanted to live.

I was able to take this newly acquired skill straight into the corporate world. If during a meeting someone raised an issue they were having, I would go and sketch out a software solution. Nothing would happen. After a number of these cycles though people began asking me to mock something up for this issue, or that problem. To show what was possible.

Then, eventually, one day…we began to put developers on building some of those sketches. And a few years later, here I am. On an upward trajectory. 🙂

I am most appreciative for the software and for the path it has revealed.

Thank you Balsamiq for providing me with my palette.

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