Found Advice

The best business advice I have received came as an offhand comment from a superior while at lunch a few years back.

For the umpteenth time I was describing some sort of roadblock (aka. someone inside the organization not thrilled with my doings) I was running into. Clearly exasperated by my “complaining” he said: “Eric, just keep going until someone tells you to stop.”

And with this sentence it finally clicked. That was what I needed. A green light to be ridiculous. Go larger. Question others. Express myself. For those of you who have spent any time inside of the “corporate world”, you know that this is normally the path to rapid ruin. But now I’d received  my get-out-of-jail free card and I was going to use it.

As the world continues to quicken its march forward, it will be the people and the organizations that embrace this adaptive, open attitude that will ascend.

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